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Do you want to make yourself more beautiful through micro-plastic surgery, which is very popular nowadays? With so many choices on the market, which one or which doctor should you choose to be the most reliable and with the highest CP value? Will micro-plastic surgery make you more beautiful, or will it become worse with each passing day? Running clock? These questions will be answered most accurately under the professional consultation of Dr. Su.

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About me

Hello, I am Dr. Su Dingfu (Devin). I have decades of experience in the medical and cosmetic micro-plastic surgery business. During my medical training, I obtained professional certificates such as anatomy pathology specialist, clinical pathology specialist, and Taiwan Society of Micro-plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Since I started practicing, I have been able to handle various types of medical aesthetic micro-plastic surgery related cases. Our main business is dealing with difficult and complicated diseases. Because of our patient listening, rational analysis of pros and cons, caution and deep logic, our customers feel very at ease. Also, because we pay attention to the details of treatment and master the delicate concepts of aesthetics and anatomy, we often do things beyond imagination. The long-lasting anti-aging and micro-surgery effect has received a lot of praise. Medical aesthetic phototherapy and micro-surgery have been developed in Taiwan for decades, which gives people a feeling that it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Even with decades of experience, I still feel cautious and fearful about the introduction of some advanced instruments or injections. However, Knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc. coupled with rich clinical experience can quickly overcome various challenges. I also plan to start organizing and analyzing the cases and articles I have read or seen in the past, as well as the content of the services provided, to find out some of the questions that customers most urgently need to know, to answer them in a professional way, and to try to put some concepts into a concise, Presented in a reasonable way, we hope that more customers will see a more rational and accurate concept of medical beauty and anti-aging. For me, in the process of providing customers with professional medical aesthetic consultation and services, I start from contacting customers, use professionalism and empathy to build customers’ trust, and help customers maintain their appearance and face step by step. Under my careful operation, I can always maintain my youthful vitality and my self-confidence, and I will have more power to promote the happiness and progress of my family and society. This sense of accomplishment is very solid, and it is the reason why I can continue to invest.

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If you want to know how to achieve ultimate anti-aging through medical aesthetic micro-plastic surgery, please contact me.


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