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Jumei Clinic is a specialized clinic that provides ultra-high-quality anti-aging micro-plastic surgery. The clinic specially employs Dr. Su Dingfu, an expert with decades of clinical experience in the field of micro-plastic surgery. We not only care about your appearance, we also care about you. healthy. The micro-plastic surgery services we provide are simple and effective. Whether it is technology or consultation, they all have three core concepts: anti-aging, safety, and health.


We firmly use original products and insist on improving non-invasive and traceless electrosonic wave facelift therapy and minimally invasive compound micro-plastic injection. The loyal customers we have accumulated have become our strongest backing. Different from general medical beauty clinics and plastic surgery clinics, you have to endure the torture of consultants selling many irrelevant beauty treatments and products. Our hospital abides by the relevant provisions of the Medical Law and does not collect treatment fees in advance. Treatment fees are charged each time. Our diagnosis and treatment projects are simple and high-quality, natural and traceless. If you want to become more beautiful and younger, with long-lasting results but don’t want a plastic face, Jumei Clinic will be a good choice for you!

Ultimate Beauty Clinic is a specialized clinic that provides ultra-high-quality anti-aging procedures. Our distinguished aesthetic physician, Devin Su, has more than ten years of clinical experience in aesthetic medicine, especially in non-surgical aesthetic procedures. We care not only about your appearance, but also about your health. The services we provide are simplified and effective. Whether it is technology or consultation, they all have three core concepts of anti-aging, safety, and health.

We firmly adopt the original products, adhere to the non-invasive and nearly imperceptible radiofrequency combined with high-intensity focused ultrasound facelift therapies and minimally invasive combined injection procedures. Our accumulated loyal customers have become our strongest backing. Unlike in general cosmetic clinics or plastic surgery clinics that you have to endure the hard sell of irrelevant courses and products, we abide by the relevant provisions of the medical law, and do not charge for treatment in advance. The medical fee is charged each time. We offer the minimalist service items but most refined quality of work. We make you look natural and be free of fake. If you want to look more beautiful and youthful with long-lasting effect, but don't want a fake-looking face, Ultimate Beauty Clinic will be your good choice!



General Consultation


- A delicate consultation helps to build correct          concepts and confidence.

Non Surgical Face Lift


- A non-surgical procedure does the most with          minimal harm.

Anti-aging Filler Injection


An adequate and precise filler injection             

Combined Treatments


Precise filler injection combined with radiofrequency    and HIFU provides both prompt & long-term effects.



Years of Experience


Happy Clients


Master Certifications


Happy Staff


蘇鼎富 醫師
蘇鼎富 醫師




"From the first day I became a consultant to now, I only dare to perform micro plastic surgery on Dr. Su, and I will also recommend this to my clients."

Hsinchu Miss Wu

"One day I went to the gym and the coach asked me my age. I told him I was 41 years old. His jaw almost dropped in surprise. This was a proud moment. If I hadn't played those two Sonics, I wouldn't have To receive such praise.”

Taipei Miss Lu

"I have had three ultrasounds with Dr. Su. I am often complimented on my beautiful forehead while riding in the car. I am very satisfied with my full forehead now, and the nasolabial folds that make me look older have disappeared. Since I graduated, Sonic plus hyaluronic acid has become the focus of my annual routine.”

Hsinchu Miss Qian



Our Address

5F-3, No. 76, Sec 3, Xinglong Rd.,

Wenshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan \\ Tel: +886-2-8663-2294 


Opening Hours

Monday   9AM – 12 noon

Tuesday   9AM – 12noon

Wednesday – Thursday  9AM – 9PM

Friday   6PM – 9PM

Saturday   9AM – 12noon




All the cases on this website have been published and disclosed with the consent. The pre-operative and post-operative case photos on this website are only for the sharing of medical information. Individual results vary with physique and post-operative care. Any medical procedure has potential risks and is not suitable for everyone. Availability of listed treatments are subject to change. The content of this website is for reference only, and none of the contents on this website replaces formal medical consultation. All medical treatments will require patients to be of capacity to give consent and above 18 years old. 

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